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Estate Planning

You have worked hard throughout the course of your life to amass your estate. As such, when you die, it makes sense to want to ensure that your hard-earned money and property are transitioned to your beneficiaries in a manner that fits your wishes. Unfortunately, this is no small task. Efficient and accurate estate transitions require significant prior planning. It takes thorough strategizing and in-depth knowledge of regulatory laws to create a plan that minimizes tax outlay.

RBG Wealth Advisors are dedicated to your estate planning needs. Our professionals carefully craft a wide-ranging, strategic approach spanning from estate and income taxes to bequests provided to your heirs and chosen beneficiaries.

We offer clients thorough and professional services tailored to their individual needs. Our core estate planning services include:

  • Review of Existing Estate Documents
  • Ownership, Trustee, Executor, and Beneficiary Review
  • Estate and Gift Tax Calculations
  • Estate Tax and Generation-skipping Transfer (GST) Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Advanced Trust and Gifting Strategies
  • Charitable Gift Planning